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"Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique."
                                                                                                         -Elizabeth Taylor

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Solitaire Bezel Pendant NecklaceSolitaire Bezel Pendant Necklace
Herringbone Snake Chain NecklaceHerringbone Snake Chain Necklace
Dainty Open Heart NecklaceDainty Open Heart Necklace
Line Wave Ocean Necklace Victoria NecklaceLine Wave Ocean Necklace Victoria Necklace
Pineapple Necklace Victoria CollectionPineapple Necklace Victoria Collection
Nina Long Bar NecklaceNina Long Bar Necklace
Nina Long Bar Necklace
Sale price$17.99
Crescent Horn Victoria NecklaceCrescent Horn Victoria Necklace
Simple Serotonin Necklace Victoria CollectionSimple Serotonin Necklace Victoria Collection
Rocky Mountain Necklace Victoria CollectionRocky Mountain Necklace Victoria Collection
Silver Ocean Wave Necklace Victoria NecklaceSilver Ocean Wave Necklace Victoria Necklace
Power Lightning Victoria NecklacePower Lightning Victoria Necklace
Druzy Bar Necklace Stardust CollectionDruzy Bar Necklace Stardust Collection
Gold Ocean Wave Victoria NecklaceGold Ocean Wave Victoria Necklace
Two Peak Mountain Victoria NecklaceTwo Peak Mountain Victoria Necklace
Lightning Victoria NecklaceLightning Victoria Necklace
Bumble Bee Victoria NecklaceBumble Bee Victoria Necklace
Silver "I Heart you" Necklace Victoria CollectionSilver "I Heart you" Necklace Victoria Collection
Gold "I Heart you" Necklace Victoria CollectionGold "I Heart you" Necklace Victoria Collection
Victoria Mountain NecklaceVictoria Mountain Necklace
Rose Gold "I Heart you" Necklace Victoria CollectionRose Gold "I Heart you" Necklace Victoria Collection