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About us

Who we are

We are a small women-owned business based out of Denver, Co. Our mission is to provide affordable luxury to all by offering high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. We strive to inspire all women to feel beautiful day to day without having to spend a fortune.  

Our collections offer meaningful, affordable, high quality pieces that are intended to empower women into feeling beautiful in their own skin. Every single one of our pieces is designed and created with love and intention.

Our jewelry is meant to be worn everyday, rain or shine. Get ready to glow in your new piece of jewelry from Altitude Boutique.


Customer service

We deeply value our customers, considering them an extension of our Altitude Boutique family, and their satisfaction is our highest priority. We earnestly believe that a satisfied customer not only becomes a repeat customer but also an ambassador of our brand, spreading positivity through word of mouth. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment where customers can freely express their concerns, provide feedback, or share their delightful experiences with our jewelry pieces. We encourage our customers to never hesitate in reaching out, as we are always eager to listen, learn, and assist, ensuring a seamless and joyful experience for all.

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